About Me

Hi Guys, I'm Mayra!

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my page. Many of you might already know me through my Instagram page @Low.carb.love where you’ve seen a glimpse into my weight loss journey and everyday life.

Here I will share some delicious recipes that you won’t believe are Sugar Free, Low Carb and Healthy. I’ll share some healthy lifestyle tips, my adventures with Donnie, my travel around the world, fun and exciting.

My goal is to give you my personal tips to lose that unwanted weight that worked for me and live a healthy lifestyle while not feeling deprived or restricted from delicious foods.

Let's Get Personal

For those of you who want to know, I’ll share a little info about my lifestyle. I’m a mom to my sweet, savage girl, Nati, who is now 9 years old. She and I love to cook together and do mom and daughter shopping dates, beach time, homework together and everything that comes with mom life. Nati’s a fish in water who has been playing water polo for the last two years. She loves the sport and has high hopes about being a superstar Olympian! Nati and Donnie are BFF’s. They have an abundance of love and respect for each other but behave like kids together!

Donnie and I  have been together for six years. We’re pretty much attached at the hip and do everything together. We have a big age difference. But over the years we’ve proven that age is just a number. We enjoy the same healthy Keto Lifestyle. We work out together, hike, bike, love to ski, go to the beach, enjoy dining out together to try new foods. Our favourite thing to do is to hang out at the house and enjoy a good meal, watch a sunset and share family time.

I grew up in the big City of Los Angeles, California and was a total “city girl” until I met Donnie. I moved to Laguna Beach, California five years ago. Laguna Beach is a very quaint and charming resort town. It’s a beautiful beach city with only 25,000 residents but in the summer there are hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world that come to see the art galleries, pageants, festivals, restaurants and enjoy some of the most beautiful, sandy beaches and coves along the California coast.

Traveling is a big passion for both Donnie and me. Over the last five years we’ve taken lots of trips to visit beautiful countries around the world. We love to visit some of the world’s most famous, romantic cities and resorts just as much as we love to go to beautiful and interesting out of the way, off the beaten path adventures. Whether it’s total sophistication or total casualness, wherever we go we’re having a good time.

A big part of my life is all about the Keto Community. I’ve made wonderful friends with many like-minded people who are all about healthful lifestyles in a weight loss journey to better our health. I’m focused on sharing my personal journey along with personal tips and tricks to “anyone who wants to listen” that’s helped me maintain my weight for over fifteen years.

One of my biggest passions is to experiment with baking low carb, sugar free desserts. They taste as delicious as any desserts that includes sugar and starch. I do it with cupcakes, cookies, cakes, loafs of bread, cinnamon rolls, danish, brownies, ice cream and more. I also make delicious sugar free drinks such as shakes, smoothies, teas, coffee drinks, coffee dupes and any traditional sugar loaded drinks that we think we may miss on a keto diet. I always love the reaction I get when I share that I didn’t use sugar!

My Mission

I have a personal mission to help people transform as many life’s by creating healthy eating habits. I want to guide people to reduce their risk of chronic health problems, reverse disease and realize their potential for true physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

I’ve chosen the Keto Lifestyle because it works for me!



years ago



It was my 17th birthday and we did the “girl thing.” My girlfriends hired a limo and we all went to Hollywood, Ca. where the “stars” are, to celebrate. I remember feeling so beautiful that night and having the time of my life. It wasn’t until the next morning when we went into the One Hour Photo Shop to develop our photos that I realized that I was obese. I looked at my photos. I was in total shock! I never saw myself or imagined myself as big as I was in those photos. I remember my feelings going from super excited to sad and upset at myself. I was utterly shocked. I had never seen myself that big! I remember wanting to burn all the photos. And I did! Now, I wish I wouldn’t have.


I wanted to be alone because I was so confused. That day, in my bedroom, I decided for once and for all that I needed to make a change. I didn’t know how I was going to do it. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do. I just knew that I was determined to lose all my weight.

That day I asked my mom to take me to a fitness gym  and I signed up for my gym membership. From that day I worked out every single day for the next 365 days, some with double day workouts. I stopped ALL junk food.  I ate a low carb, low fat, calorie restricted diet (I didn’t know any better). I didn’t let rain, shine or holidays get in my way.

My starting weight was 315 pounds. One year later I had lost 100 pounds. In three more months I lost another 35 pounds. Within those 15 months Ilost 135 pounds to weigh 180 pounds. Over the next year I lost another 15 pounds to achieve 165 pounds. All in all I lost 150 pounds.


Now that I look back at my journey, I wish I would have known about the Keto Diet. I would have lost my weight without starving myself. I would have known how to eat and fuel my body properly with the combination of nutritious foods in a keto diet.

Now through low carb eating and the Keto Diet Lifestyle I’ve maintained my weight, within a ten pound fluctuation, for over 17 years.